The role of noises in bioreactors


主讲人:Tonghua Zhang,斯威本科技大学教授




内容介绍:A bioreactor is a device to provide a suitable environment supporting the growth  of the microorganisms. It is widely used in various industrial processes, for  example in biological wastewater treatment processes to reduce the substrate and  in fermentation processes to produce pharmaceutical products such as insulin and  penicillin. Differing from the conventional chemical reactors, performance of a  bioreactor is very sensitive to the environment, such as a small change in pH or  temperature can result in a noticeable change in yield, or a small unforeseen  disturbance can cause a failure of the reactor, such as washout. Thus, there is  strong economic incentive to design efficient ways to deal with these “noises”.  In this work, I aim at investigating what roles the noises are playing in  bioreactors, with the hope to provide some sound advices to develop proper  control schemes.